Sky de fix

Download BlackHole original images:


Please download file extract and edit all user/pass in oscam.server and replace in your stb.

Add these 2 lines in [global] section in oscam.conf

logfile                       = /var/log/oscam.log
disablecrccws_only_for        = 09C4:000000;098C:000000;098D:000000

Due to ECM changes from SkyDE, some channels on this packages are not visible anymore. We are doing everything we can to resolve this.

The only fix that has been proven by now is that all clients should change their emulator from CCCam to OSCam latest version. Then you need to go to Config > Global and in Skip CWs checksum test only for: put the following values and save > 098C:000000;09C4:000000;09C7:000000

We have received confirmation from that all clients should upgrade their OSCam`s to Build r11516. There`s a bug in r11515 which causes "Skip CWs checksum test only for" function to drop some valid ECM`s. So you need to update to r11516.

ou need to install OSCam r11516 as it has the bug fixed. Then place your clines in Reader section and try Skyde. r11516 already has "Skip CWs checksum test only for:" hardcoded and set to 098C:000000;09C4:000000;09C7:000000 but you can also put it there.

These are the TPs and main channels that have gone off on CCcam at 19.2°e

11720 H - Sky Cinema Action, Sky Cinema Comedy, Disney XD, Disney Junior Deutschland
11798 H - DAZN 2 Bar HD
12304 H - Sky Cinema Hits HD, SYFY HD, Fox HD, Sky Sport Bundesliga 1 & 4 HD
12382 H - Sky Cinema +1 HD, Sky Cinema +24 HD, TNT Comedy HD, History HD, A&E, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Ei Entertainment HD, Motorvision, Eurosport 2 HD
11914 H - Sky Cinema HD, Sky Cinema +1, Sky Cinema +24, Nat Geo Wild HD, Discovery Channel HD, Sky Sport 1, 3, & 9 HD, Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 & 8
12032 H - Sky Cinema, Sky Cinema Emotion, Sky Cinema Family, Sky Cinema Nostalgie, TNT Film HD, Sky Sport 1 & 7, Sky Sport Bundesliga 1 & 6

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